FIFA mobile ● Top 5 tips & tricks to make your team 95+ OVR F2P | FIFA mobile 19

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FIFA mobile 19
In this video I will show you 5 tips and tricks !!!
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Tip 1: Play campaign as many as possible to get profile xp ( if you level up then you will receive training xp) !!!
Tip 2: Play VS attack to get VS packs which contains skill boosts or open some league packs with 600 league points !!!
Tip 3: Don’t go to store to buy traning xp, but just go to market to buy 79 OVR players, because it’s cheaper and it will give you much more traning xp !!
Tip 4: Snipe 80+ OVR players from the market for under 95k FIFA coins and sell them back for around 108k FIFA coins ( BIG PROFIT) !!!
Tip 5: Always complete your daily quests because at the end of the TOTW you can open a weekly TOTW pack from the weekly quest to get a TOTW starter, there you have chance to pack a TOTW elite player !!!!

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