FIFA 20 FUT Sniping Tool AUTO Make 100K+ FUT Coins/day Sniping Script Working April 2020

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( Download link will be removed after 500 downloads to stop the spreading)
(NOTE 2: You won’t get banned with this. It’s basically buying and reselling players. At a rate of 8 actions per minute, it’s basically a human doing it + it’s a script for Google Chrome so it’s undetectable!)

Included in the
Video tutorial (which you are seeing right now)
PDF Tutorial (more in-depth step by step tutorial how to make it work)

The script is a text file which you need to copy all the text and paste it in the Google Console (you need Google Chrome for this).

Of course, everything is explained and documented on how to do it and where to paste it – in the PDF tutorial.

Stay safe!

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